D’Ambrosio on the move, Inter to look for substitutes

The Italian full-back Danilo D’ambrosio, after only a season and a half with Inter Milan, could be put on the transfer list by Roberto Mancini: a few clubs have already shown interest for the 26 year old right back, including Schalke 04 and SSC Napoli.

Theres a few problems regarding the technical and tactical aspects, confirmed by the requests made from Mancini that would prefer pacier full-backs, with proper technical abilities and good feet.

Even though the players agent has been rejecting the rumours regarding his move out of the club, the transfer seems quite probable, and would only happen if one of the clubs interested were to match the asking fee of £7m.

As for a last minute indiscretion leaves to believe that – along with Nagatomo and Andreolli – the player hasn’t been called up for the friendly against Galatasaray, which would confirm the possibility of a move in the near future.

Meanwhile, for the replacement there have been a few rumoured players already, such as Alex Telles and Clichy, along with Domenico Criscito of Zenit.

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