D’Ambrosio’s Agent : “He would only leave for the right offer”

Danilo D’Ambrosio‘s agent, Vincenzo Piscane, has spoken in an interview from fantagazzetta.com about his future, underlining the players motivation to stay at the club, without excluding the possability of a transfer away from the club if the right offer for both the player and the club should come by.

What’s the situation between the player and the club?
“I’d like to state that there haven’t been any problems with the club, as it’s been said in the past few days. He loves the club and the coaches believe in him.”

There have been rumours of a Napoli Interest lately, is it true?
“There hasn’t been any bids yet, it’s normal for a player of his caliber to be rated highly, but there hasn’t been any movement from the clubs interested yet.”

So with Roberto Mancini there hasn’t been any problems?
“Absolutely not, Mancini considers him an important player for the club and they get along quite well.”

Therefore the player would prefer to stay at the club currently?
“Yes, he would much rather stay at the club, although it’s obvious that if an irrisistable offer for both the player and the club should come by we would take it into consideration. But it must be the club to make the last decision.”

“And the situation is ongoing”
“The club would rather keep him, that’s the situation. But I repeat, we can’t say with certainty what will happen till the end of the transfer window, we can’t leave any possability out, and things could change from any minute.”

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